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ZTE shows off an under-display facial recognition system

At MWC Shanghai, ZTE revealed an under-display 3D structured light system that will support Face ID-style facial recognition. The company, which was the first manufacturer to include an under-display selfie camera in a mass-produced smartphone, may have found a balance between allowing enough data to pass through the display to make the system work and ensuring the screen still looks good when the camera isn't being used.

ZTE is compensating for for light transmission loss through the screen by cranking up the pixel density of the projector (which creates a 3D map of your face) by over ten times. To help make that region of the screen look more consistent with the rest of the display, it improved the pixel density of the area above the camera from 200ppi to 400ppi. It also boosted the panel refresh rate to 120Hz.

ZTE worked with Shenzhen-based Guangjian Technology on the tech, as Engadget Chinese reports. The company claims that the system is secure enough for mobile payment authentication. It will also support 3D modeling, augmented reality selfies and other features.

The company didn't say when it will start using the tech or in which devices, but rumors suggest it will plug the system into the upcoming Axon 30 Pro. Hopefully, if the tech works as promised and it becomes widely adopted, it will spell the end of the dreaded, ugly notch.

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